Ati Radeon Hd 4650 Agp Driver For Mac

I'm using 2 vga-dvi connectors on my dvi outs going to a 1680x10560 screen1 and 1280x1024 screen 2 I have been trying for months to get this to work and I can finally use my ATi 4650 card on my hack without bs.. With the 11 x (all that'h available today, evidently, on the AMD driver web site), I can't obtain the driver installed at all.

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I have got the exact same issue and believe it's not really uncommon Older ATI AGP hotfix drivers did function, although intermittently.. Were fully IN!!!!!! Now all we need is the same kinda thing - but in (dvi-dvi) or (dvi-vga) can use different combinations and not have to use vga adaptors.. mind you im NOT complaining I think ( im not sure that eulemer is dual vga support.

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Thank god for the EUlemur framebuffer Thanks to Rc5 and Atifb injection and the tip aboput the bios rom from gpuz.. I AM PROUD to announce i have qe ci and dual (spanned)screens with arrangement tab under display for my main monitor. tum ek gorakh dhanda ho live full mp3 song

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